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Melbourne is the one of the most beautiful places in Australia! From the great ocean road to the dandenong ranges, you’ll definitely want to see our guide to sight-seeing and travel in Melbourne. If you’re looking to come down south for a vacation then you’ve made the right choice.

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Polished concrete floors in Residential Spaces

Polished concrete floors can be used in residential spaces to get that wow factor for your floors. Most popular flooring options conventionally are tiles, marble floor or granites but its always a great option to consider concrete polished floors for your home and residential living space. Check out[...]
Best Tile Showrooms in Australia

Best Tile Showrooms in Australia

Be it Bathroom tiles, Floor tiles or wall tiles, the best Australian tile showrooms offer the best quality tiles sourced from the the best quarries of the world. Tilefix Port Melbourne  is one of Australia's most popular tile showrooms offering the best of Australian building materials. They also of[...]
Melbourne Attractions at Air Display

Melbourne Attractions at Air Display

Hi thanks for visiting Air Display, we've got some great content coming in the next few days where we'll be going over some amazing new attractions in Melbourne. Have you seen the hot air balloon yet? If not then you'll definitely want to check out that blog post when it comes in![...]